Those “Grab It” Moments!


Our cat had been curled up on the bed for a short spell, and then she hopped down to go exploring.  As she moved quietly, I didn’t hear where she had gone, so it wasn’t until I passed by the bathroom a little later and glanced towards the window that I saw her perched in one of her favourite places.

So….yep, I scooted back to my room and returned camera in hand for some serene – with back lighting – cat poses.  She was in a cooperative mood.  Hahaha!

I never tire of her as my model, but then animals – and kids – can be such fun photo subjects, and over the years I have always enjoyed taking candids of my kids and our pets.  🙂

4 thoughts on “Those “Grab It” Moments!

    1. I think she’s getting used to me and my click-clicking camera…..hahaha! We have had her for a little over 10 months. Still a kitten? She looks all grown up. And she does indulge me with her poses. 🙂


    1. So your cat is still relatively new, too. And yes, how they change our lives in their own unique feline ways. Wouldn’t have it any other way! 🙂 I stopped using flash for my cat photos…..wondering if that helps, because for my previous cat, I still used flash, and she’d take off pretty quick, or at least keep looking away. And it was my son who showed me the way to not using flash, so I started exploring with things here and there….and eventually tried with cats again.

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