Photography Assignment


I recently joined a photography group on facebook, and they put out weekly assignments to keep group members looking at things and exploring in new ways.  It’s my first week there, and it feels like a good fit, because I enjoy looking at things differently with my camera.  Generally, I can come up with my own ideas, but sometimes it’s nice to have someone else toss out suggestions.

So, as I was exploring about the house today, I looked at a store-bought cookie tray at one point…..and  I had the thought to pick up an empty food storage container and take it from a different angle. Played with that until I put it in a different location as well, where the pattern of the tablecloth suddenly gave me an idea…. 🙂

That’s why, for me, photography is a never-ending source of discovery and fun.  And that’s just with my basic DSLR camera.  Back in the day of using film, I had some extra lenses to experiment with on my SLR camera (zoom and wide-angle), but I don’t have those available, nor filters.  And photoshop is still on the back burner.  🙂  For now, though there is much to still explore with varied lighting, speeds, black and white, and sepia options.


I would love to hear your thoughts about this

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