Soothing Soup for a Sinus Cold


Having a bit of a sinus infection.  Started late night on Sunday….got worse Tuesday evening. Been getting lots of rest.  And on Wednesday there was a bit of relief and the hour spent outside in the early evening fresh air did some good.  Then my tummy nudged me with requests for a bowl of soup that would hit the spot…..both nasally and digestively. Haha.

So…..sautéing of the essential chopped onions and celery in olive oil, followed by some chopped fresh garlic and a slice of fresh ginger, also chopped.  Mmm….the smell of ginger for the nose!  Yes.  Oh, and for something different, I added in some tiny button mushrooms.  They always look so cute!  The broth was a mixture of chicken stock, water, and light miso paste.  This time I decided to go with lighter noodle fare and picked Asian rice noodles.  Didn’t have tofu, so I sliced up a couple of weiners (keeps the lads happy, too).  Let all that simmer.  I found a handful of frozen veggies (carrots and broccoli) in the freezer and put them in for some added colour.  Near the end some salt, pepper, and italian herbs with chopped up fresh kale….just until it softened.  And it was ready for the eating!  Everyone got a bowlful along with a slice of buttered fresh-baked bread. It was a big hit with my boys AND my eager-for-soothing-soul-food tummy.  Yep….and we all went up for seconds!


14 thoughts on “Soothing Soup for a Sinus Cold

    1. Hi Joleene! If this soup sounds like something that would help you, give it a go….AND let me know if you liked it. 🙂 Sending you feel-better vibes, too!


  1. Exactly. It’s my go-to remedy somewhere in the healing process of those sporadic cold and flu bouts in our family. 🙂


  2. Hi Joleene! I just now got back on. I’ve had a few busy days and hardly got on the computer, and the one time I had a bit of time, then internet access was out….due to inclement weather. sigh. I had to laugh when you requested the recipe with any kind of measurement…dollop, etc. So, if you are still interested, I will add it in this thread….over one. My left sinus actually finally cleared up today, so it took longer than I expected.


    1. One medium onion, two celery stalks, 2-3 garlic cloves, about 1/4 inch slice of ginger (good size diameter, like a teaspoon, at least). Then I added in about a tray’s worth of the button mushrooms (a flat tray)….so almost 2 handfuls. For the broth I put in 2 cups of chicken broth, and then added 1 cup of water….I play with that until I get a good mix in flavour….add a bit more broth and then water. I eyeball it. When I make my own dishes, I tend to eyeball what looks and tastes like a good blend. Then I also dissolved 1 tbsp of white miso in a cup of boiling hot water, which I then mixed into the broth. All that is in the soup pot. Then I went to the pasta shelf and grabbed a package from the Asian rice noodle side – which in this case happened to be Pad Thai noodles, but I would have used others as well. 🙂 The package was about a heaping handful size. At the same time I added in what was left from my frozen veggie bag in the freezer….again about a handful of frozen carrots and broccoli and cauliflower pieces. The rice noodles and frozen veggies come together around the same time. Everything’s at a simmer again, and then I added the sliced weiners this time. After they had been in for a bit, then I added a sprinkling of salt, some fresh ground pepper (I used that for the majority of time ever since I discovered the difference in fresh ground pepper….haha!), and at the end I added the criss-cross chopped kale 3-4 good sized leaves (like hand size, if that helps). As soon as the kale was softened, that’s when I served up the soup with the slices of fresh-baked bread (buttered). I can list the ingredients in the usual way, if that makes it more clearly readable for you, Joleene?


    1. Hi Sue! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂 For some reason this time around the plugged-up sinus was quite stubborn, and it took longer than usual to clear up. Thanks for asking.

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      1. Thank you, Sue! It’s been raining off and on since Monday morning, and it’s a good-feeling rain….the kind you know that everything needed. The plants especially. And everything feels cool and lush and looks a rich green. I wish you a lovely week, Sue. 🙂

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