A Cuddly Crawly Critter?


EEK! Just now I could feel something underneath my t-shirt on the left side near the neck end thinking it might be one of the larger ants that seem to crawl about in our house here and there, with my right hand I pushed down on the little roundish dot and then quickly slipped in my finger and flicked it out from under the shirt. I looked down on the floor, expecting to see a little ant heap……BUT!…..it wasn’t an ant at all! It was….a …..CATERPILLAR!!! AAHHHHHH!! it was okay, and I then picked it up with my paper pad and took it outside, but I kept thinking, how did the little bugger land on me….while I’m sitting in bed…..?? From the ceiling? From when I had gone outside earlier?? I don’t mind crawly critters, but I DO prefer them outside, where they can be FREE and also leave me be.

Note:  A tent caterpillar, and in the second photo – as it’s getting over its shock from being ejected – there’s one of those big ants walking on by….

And I don’t scream at critters.  I handle the situation like a pro, while I go “beuhhhh!” on the inside.  🙂


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