Food Stories


Okay… I didn’t pay close attention to the stove dial – getting re-acquainted with this stove (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)  And what I thought was the simmer indicator was only high on the smaller element. Eek! Yep, you guessed it….I burst the weiners for supper. On the bright side though, there’s more surface area for dipping into the mustard!!  And well, the steamed asparagus still turned out tender-crisp and tasty. That’s ‘cuz I was paying more attention to them….than the weiners.


Since I’m on the subject of food, what do you do, when you have good intentions of making a chicken goulash, only to find out mid-way – with the requisite staples of chopped onions, garlic, celery, and green pepper having softened nicely in the pot and awaiting the much loved generous sprinklings of paprika? Well, on account of there must still be a bin somewhere…unopened….with the remaining jars of herbs and spices. But I haven’t got time to LOOK for that! My veggies cannot wait a moment longer. So, I rummage through my spice jars and grab some cajun spices – ooooohhhh! Hmmmm…..let’s see what I can come up with now…..
Generous sprinklings of cajun spice then leads to…..found the ground chipotle in the cupboard up top – oh yeah! Gotta add some of that! And then in the pantry I find a jar of salsa. So, then a few drops of red wine (emptied the bottle used for the cacciatore of two days ago) – literally, a few drops, almost negligible – some stock….and it all goes to simmer into a flavourful saucy chicken dish with a really nice spicy bite to it! I think it makes up for the wieners I burst…..even though the order is reversed – hahaha! Chicken yesterday, weiners today!

Note:  The paprika in the photo is the new batch I picked up at the natural food store the next day.

Note2: Felt like digressing from poetry to food….haha!


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