Ray of Colours


Raindrops and sunshine;

Combined they create colours,

An arc in the sky!


6 thoughts on “Ray of Colours

    1. Thank you, Priyanka! I felt very lucky to catch that one! I had looked out the window and seen the dark clouds and the rain, but as I also could see the sun coming through behind me, I started looking for the rainbow that I knew would be there! And then it was a complete one! 🙂 When will the monsoon come your way?

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      1. Excellent shot ! Nothing like a dash of hues to make the sky seem like a canvas of a master artist ! The monsoon is predicted to set in within a couple of days !! So we are bracing ourselves .

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      2. I feel the same way! I enjoy looking up to the sky, because the heavens are always putting on yet another colourful “painting” for us to look at. Never ending. 🙂 I hope the monsoon season will go well for you.

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