Writing that whispers

I feel disconnected from my writing flow.  Why?

Well, it’s that “life is happening” scenario.  You’re probably familiar with that list of things that create upheaval in one’s life.  You know that item – third from the top, I think it is.  Yes, that’s it!   Moving time.

Again?  I did move twice already in the past two-and-a-half years and was hoping to settle in a bit in this third place for a while, but…..*sigh*….one doesn’t always know what twists, turns, detours, and scenic routes will occur in this life journey.  In addition to a foundation of a grand mix of relationships and events, there is also a liberal sprinkling of magic, mystery, and adventure to experience.

There is a reconciliation of sorts at the base of this latest move, so that’s a good thing.

And in order to take advantage of this transition, along with it being that “classic” time of year for cleaning, the whole moving process is being stretched out a bit longer in order to include massive purging of accumulated stuff (some of which has hung about the old house for close to 30 years!) – a greater portion designated as garbage and another almost equal-sized portion being given to the local, community-supported secondhand store.  Add to that some reassigning of rooms and rearranging of furniture AND THEN packing at the temporary place to be moved back to the old place…..and you get the picture of this sizeable endeavour.

All the usual recreational activities have been put on hold until the move is completed, and that’s also where my writing hasn’t been given its rightful share of time.  And since it’s been calling to me….quietly and coaxing, whispering even……I am saying, “to heck with that carload of reusables that won’t make it to the secondhand store today!  Tomorrow is another day!  I want to write!”

So there.

I am giving in to the whispering….

Ahhhhh…..that feels so much better.


I would love to hear your thoughts about this

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