Cell phone – 1; Memory cells – 0….and then 1

See…..this is why I view technology with a bit of a “slightly lesser than gung-ho” approach. It always has its appeal and handy uses…..BUT, there are those times and longer lasting affects that give me pause from time to time. Nothing drastic ultimately, but the message was brought home to me again today…..

When I got to my cleaning job in the morning, something came up and I wanted to use my cell phone and soon realized that it wasn’t in my purse and that I had left it at home. The number I needed was in my contact list on my phone and brand new so not memorized. I quickly figured I’d use the house phone and try calling for someone at the house to see if they could find where my phone was so they could give me the info from the contact list. I tried Conrad’s number, but he wasn’t answering. And do you think I could REMEMBER Jason’s or Stephen’s complete phone numbers? Partial, yes. But as is the habit of just clicking on someone’s name to call them, rather than the old-style way of punching in a sequence of numbers from the memory section of my brain, I was feeling less adroit at recalling things that I used to have at my memory fingertips. And in the same vein, I thought I’d get their numbers from Kirby, as he would have them on his phone, but do you THINK I could remember his number????? Sheesh!! How often have I dialled his number, but for several months I have just clicked on his name when i wanted to call him, and so even that number wasn’t as solidly in my memory spools as before. I had the first half correct, but the second half….?? My mind went totally blank. And when I tried the number sequences that I THOUGHT seemed good (I DID at least have all the right last four numbers…..just not in the correct sequence…..hahaha!), I ended up with an out-of-service number and two numbers that a guy answered, sounding polite….but in FRENCH. Not that that’s a problem, but then I immediately knew I had the wrong number. It wasn’t until about 1 1/2 hours later…..with my hands and mind focused on the job, that the number sequence popped loud and clear into my brain, and i immediately ran to the phone to call him. Voice mail. Hahahahaha!
It gets better!
I find out later, when I’m working at the store……Kirby calls me. But NOT because he heard my voice mail. Nope. He ALSO left his cell phone behind at home….and went on google in order to find the store’s phone number, as he knew I’d be there in the afternoon.

Soooooo…..all that to say that, yes, technology has its wonderful attributes, but when it isn’t working or not available, it hits home even more, because we’ve let our brains lapse in their previous high level of non-technology dependent skills.

The whole scenario, when I realized all I could do was just relax and go with the flow………was a lesson in humility and having a good laugh at my expense.


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